Interview with photographer James Ryang for Topman Generation (click image to view)

Interview with photographer James Ryang for Topman Generation (click image to view)

Interview with photographer James Ryang for Topman Generation (click image to view)

Interview with photographer James Ryang for Topman Generation (click image to view)

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Currently Editorial Director at M&C Saatchi
Editor/Art Director at The House of Peroni
Editor-at-large at Flaunt Magazine
Contributing Arts Editor at AnOther Magazine

Debut Novel 'Spectacles' Available Here
About Spectacles (Publisher Seabrook Press):

"John-Paul Pryor is one of the most compelling and disturbing writers working today. Based in London and working for various magazines, this writer shares with us his bleak and wonderful futuristic visions" – Seabrook Press

"Pryor’s poetic mixture of raw violence and transcendence is reminiscent of another debut – rebel outsider Jean Genet’s tale of the Montmartre criminal underworld, Our Lady of the Flowers. Like Genet, he trawls the depths of a nightmare, finding beauty in his children of misfortune" – Hannah Lack, Dazed & Confused

"Spectacles is a fascinating contemporary parable on the nature of beauty in a world of genetically modified disaster unfolding in a drug cocktail apocalypse. It’s a Kafka-on-viagra-esque vision of a universe perverted and impotent to change, interspersed with measured Keatsian romanticism – open nerves drenched in tears" – Wolfe von Lenkiewicz

"The most seriously dark, violent and disturbing work I have ever read. It feels like wandering through a Bruegal landscape. Paradoxically, it is a very touching and beautifully poetic story of some sad love-starved characters attracted to the mystery of self-destruction" – Marnie Weber

"The scattered emotional responses of a young man lost in the dream of life, hungering for connection and meaning" – Billy Childish

I created the editorial destination and print magazine for Peroni Nastro Azzurro:

The House of Peroni

I also created the editorial destination and print magazine for Topman:

Topman Generation

The Dazed Gallery / Angelbert Metoyer / Chris Moon / John Squire / RCA Graduates

Selected Artists Exhibited:
Robert Priseman, Sarah Maple, Jasper Joffe, Robert Montgomery, Luke Drozd, Angelbert Metoyer, Simon Marriott, Hal Sear, Kentaro Kobuke, Christian Ward, Chris Moon, Bare Bones Collective, David Fryer

Notable Curated Shows:
The War To End All Wars: The Dazed Gallery, London
Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are?: The Dazed Gallery, London
Vote Jasper Joffe: The Dazed Gallery London
Angelbert Metoyer's Icon Execution: The GRN'Namdi Gallery, Chicago
Chris Moon's Reverie: LondonNewcastle Gallery, London
Sunny & 72 Group Show: Sunny & 72, Los Angeles, California (Flaunt Magazine)
Theo-Mass Lexileictous/Do Not Disturb: The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas (Flaunt Magazine)

David Lynch, Yoko Ono, Polly Morgan, Nick Cave, Isabelle Huppert, Taryn Simon, Klaus Biesenbach, Marianne Faithfull, Milla Jovovich, Jonathan Wateridge, Gilbert & George, Sir Peter Blake, Romain Gavras, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Julian Opie, Harmony Korine, David Bailey, John Squire, Jarvis Cocker, Larry Clark, Jefferson Hack, Sasha Grey, Howard Marks, William Gibson, Barbara Kruger, Saul Williams

Northern Light: Airwaves, Magma And Iceland's Creative Revolution
Generation OS13: The New Resistance Culture

What Do You Do For Fun: Larry Clark at Simon Lee – AnOther Magazine
Sir Ian McKellan: The Grapes – AnOther Magazine
Psychopomps: Polly Morgan at Haunch of Venison – Another Magazine
Post-Rock-Loving Zebra Finches: The Barbican – AnOther Magazine
Dazed Versus Warhol: BALTIC Gallery – Dazed & Confused
Robert Montgomery: Ghost In the Machine – AnOther Magazine
The Arts Clique: Chris Moon – Konbini
The Arts Clique: Maria Kjartens – Konbini
The Arts Clique: Tom De Freston – Konbini
Topman Generation: Zebra Katz
Topman Generation: Bo Ningen
Topman Generation: The Changing Face of Menswear

Topman, Peroni, M&C Saatchi. Fred Perry, Dunhill, Stella McCartney, Nike, Adidas, Konbini, The Cosmopolitan, The Orient Express Group, Cadillac, Frank PR, Purple PR, Margaret PR, Bang-On PR, Domino Records, MAD London, Sunny & 72, Seabrook Press, ICA, All Visual Arts, Rizzoli, Tank Magazine, Steidl

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